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Digital transformation sparked a plethora of new behaviour in communication. We have long moved on from Deleuze’s and Guattari’s “Rhizome” to a networked and mobile society of individual, personal and social media that is rooting in a more egalitarian use of technology. The long standing dichtomy of communicator and recipient has been fully diluted. New centres of power have emerged as structural nodes; these so-called intermediaries (tech giants, GAFAM, younameit) created a neo-feudalistic polarity between communication conglomerates and individuals leaving traditional governmental structures as mere bystanders.

This newsletter hub deals with these shifts in power and perception in a less overinflated tonality than this intro paragraph.

This is my English newsletter. I usually write in German and cover other topics such as laïcité, the separation of church and state (or better republic and religion), atheism, humanism and (mostly Austrian) politics. You can find my other newletter “Ohne Bekenntnis” also on Substack.

Author: Niko Alm

I’ve been working in media, communications and politics for more than 20 years. In 2013 I sold my companies to VICE. Before that I’ve been publishing VICE Alps, then became CEO of VICE CEE. In 2017 I left the company and served as managing director of the investigative media platform Addendum.

From 2013 to 2017 I was member of the Austrian parliament for the centrist liberal party NEOS (neither progressive nor libertarian).

At university I headed off in few directions: digital art, business administration, psychology, but I only finished philosophy and communication science (master’s degree in 2000).

In 2019 (February 12th, Darwin Day) I published my book “Ohne Bekenntnis – Wie mit Religion Politik gemacht wird” (Residenz). It’s only available in German and roughly translates as “Creedless - How to Do Politics with Religion”.

If you ever heard about that Pastafarian who was wearing a colander for his picture ID. That’s me. Check out I, Pastafari (by Mike Arthur).

This is my website: